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Intro from Sundewwolf

Hi everyone.

I've only been growing CP's for about 1.5 years now. I signed up for this forum a while ago, and wasn't really active until I heard someone had a thread about hybridizing sundews here. Right now I've got a decent collection of Cp's including a tub of VFT cultivars, sundews(of course lol), sarrs, butterworts, neps, a heli, ceph, and darlingtonia.

I also thought I would share a pic of a flytrap I found in march this year. I named it "buttcheeks". So far it has made divisions and each plant has been consistently producing traps shaped like the picture. Hope you enjoy!

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Welcome to Terraforums Sundewwolf! I'm having trouble seeing the picture of your Venus flytrap.
thanks. I'm not sure how to upload it.
You need to upload your picture to a third-party photo hosting site and then paste the link into the dialogue box that pops up when you click on the photo button in a post.
Welcome :wave:

It sounds like you've got quite a collection. I'm looking forward to seeing pics of your plants.
Wow! That plant looks like it should be a cultivar! And the name is very fitting.
Oh. My. Gosh. What a plant! :0o:
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Wow that's a nasty mutant! :D

I assume those traps are not functional at all?
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The traps are not functional once they are open 180 degrees, however when the traps are young and not fully open yet they have the ability to close.
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haha nice. I guess this falls under the same premise as Christian Klein's new 'Monkey ***' cultivar (it's a real thing). Now, if someone could breed a clone that forcibly ejects the fly carcass through the closed trap..
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welcome to terraforums, I'm guessing your the same sundewwolf from flytrapcare?
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Welcome to TF!
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Hey wolf welcome aboard! :)
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Thanks for the welcome guys!

I'm also giving away a division I have from the "MD Buttcheeks" flytrap. If anyone's interested in getting it you can pm me.
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Welcome to TF!