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interesting story


Well, a while back, in my freshie fishtank, i had a rainbow shark. And it was a happy camper. But one day i could never find it. So about 8 months later, i was taking out my drawers to my dresser, and under my dresser, i found the sry dead body of my poor rainbow shark which must of jumped out of the tank. So, to make it a happy ending, i fed it to my biggest and bestest ventrosica red pitcher which is now starting to show flare on the peristome.
Yes, it is a interesting story. May I please see some pics of that N. Ventricosa pitcher? Thanks.
vent complete.jpg

The whole shebang

vent picture.jpg

The biggest bestest pitcher:D


Closeup of the cut lil parrot in my vent pot
oh! oh! I've got a question. What other plants do you have?
That's a great plant! I just got one, and it's just a big vine, not nice and compact like yours. Nice pitures, though.....uh oh, the betta may have found his final resting place Mwaaa haa haa haaa!
It looks more like ventrata to me.
ditto on what cp2k said. Still a nice plant though.

I also agree, but on Ventrata the nodes are more seperated. It could be either but it points to Ventrata IMO. Still quite a young plant let it grow.
i got it from DE and he got it somewhere in the eastern part of the us of a