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Insuring Your CP Collection

Hey Everyone:

After hearing about Dean Cook's and Tony's losses this winter, I decided to contact my insurance agent (Allstate) and see if it was possible to cover my plants/if they were covered by my standard renter's policy if there was a power loss that resulted in the death of some of my collection. It turns out that neither they (nor any other United States company, to their knowledge) covers such a loss or allows for a rider to cover such a loss.

I thought I'd share since I put those people through so much trouble to find out the answer for me (and gave them an early contender for weirdest question of the year).

I'm an liscensed agent for a major insurance company and you are correct. There is no such coverage, nor is there a loop hole that I have found yet. Anything living is usually excluded. Animals and plants are hard to place a value on.

Business policies are different.

Lloyd's of London is a company that insures the more exotic. Doubt they would bother with collections

I'll check with my underwriters tomorrow. If there any update I will post here.
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...(and gave them an early contender for weirdest question of the year).
Haha, may be.

I find that even in Garden Centers I am met with quizzical looks when I ask for CP specific things. Last week it was all my calls to local Nurseries requesting Coir that "has been through at least three monsoon seasons."

If I even got passed Coir they would usually respond with extended silence about my request for the three monsoon seasons. They just didn't understand that or why I wouldn't want plant food or some conditioners in my Coir. Or as they wanted to call it, Coconut bricks.