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For Sale Instant Isopod Collection, Instant Isopod Colonies!

*CLOSED* Thanks for looking!

Don't waste your time and money on a dinky "starter colony" of 12 isopods!

I'm setting you up with a large colony collection of 3 different isopods! (and a good amount of substrate they are living on which may have a bunch of tiny isopods mixed in). You'll get:
20 Armadillidium werneri
20 Porcellio hoffmannseggi
50 Giant Canyon Isopods Porcellio dilatatus

Normally that would come out to about $330 (plus shipping!), but get them from me and you pay just $200 shipped!

So get ready to have a bunch of isopod pets (they are adorable), or use them to clean up your other pet terrariums. Or keep them breeding and sell or trade off the offspring!

This offer ends on 10-11-2020, so PM me and get your Isopods NOW!

Check out my reviews on RoachForum, ArachnoBoards, BeetleForum and MantidForum.

Terms of Service
Live Arrival Guarantee:
The number of isopods stated above are guaranteed to arrive alive. If all isopods arrive DOA, a photo must show all dead isopods flipped on their backs within 2 hours of delivery. Any free or extra isopods will not be covered by the guaranteed live arrival.
Refund Policy:
Replacement isopods may be given if all steps in the Live Arrival Guarantee are met, and if the isopods are found to be DOA due to a mistake I made in packing.
However, if something goes wrong with the USPS shipment (for example, they break the box in shipping and items inside are destroyed), I will help you with the insurance that they offer to get your money back through them. If sending replacements, the buyer will pay for the shipping. No refunds will be given, only replacements will be given. That said, I want you to be happy and I will do everything I can to help!

USA only
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