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IMPORTANT Note for Auction Participants


Moderator Schmoderator Fluorescent fluorite, Engl
Aug 25, 2001
Richmond, Virginia/Zone 7
Hi everyone!

We are busy processing all the bids and getting out notices for shipment as payments roll in. Hopefully we will have a talley for you soon.

PLEASE, if you made bids in the auction, check the items you bid on to make sure if you won or lost. In some cases, we have had the same bid go in at almost the same time. In that case, the earliest bidder has the VALID bid, as the second one is a duplicate. [For example, Ozzy put in a $25 bid a few minutes after Capslock put in a $25 bid. Capslock has the legal bid.]

ALSO...in some cases, some people might have asked a question or made a comment AFTER your bid...which might mean you are still high bidder but your name does not show as the LAST POST.

Do not go solely by the name showing on the topic...it only shows the last POST which may not necessarily be the last BID!

And one more thing...as you all receive your items, if you could PLEASE let someone know...me, Ozzy, Andrew (Adnedarn)...any moderator, so that we can go in and LOCK that listing to show it is a completed deal. This is the best way for us to keep track of what transactions have not been completed.

We'd be very grateful for you cooperation with this. Processing over 200 items and payments is a big job.