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Import permit

From what I am reading it looks like I need a PPQ 587 to import four or five Nepenthes to the United States, is this correct? I am at the USDA site ready to file for the permit but want to check beforehand. I won't be ordering until mid-March so if the permit will expire by then I will just wait.
You need the PPQ 587 for "lots" over 12 or for small seed lots. Lots in the agricultural sense is a uniform unit of measure (e.g. bushels, pecks, etc.) So five or six plants do not require PPQ 587. It would be a lot easier if you get the permit though as it will give you a mailing label for the vendor to place on the shipment and will expedite proper routing for customs and quarantine inspection.

You need a Phytosanitary Certificate from the vendor and possibly a CITES import permit ($70.00). Cost of the Phytosanitary certificate depends on the issuing country - from $20-200 US. Some require a certificate for each taxa. Shipments have to be sent to one of the Inspection centers where it will be forwarded to you.

See http://www.fws.gov/forms/3-200-36.pdf and this thread. If you still have questions contact APHIS, I've listed contact information in the above thread.
Can't say it's the same everywhere or for everyone, but get ready to hunker down for the longhaul. At least a month. I applied for a small lot seed permit several weeks ago, and have heard nothing so far. I was told the average is about a month, or at least a month. Actually I think I was told different things by different offices. If you do the online thing after getting level 2 certification, ignore the part where it says attachments. It won't let you attach anything and one fellow told me it was not supposed to be there anyway. One gal in one office actually told me that they did not know what they were doing with a laugh, and not to tell anyone. So consider that a secret.:") To the plus much of it is free, and I was told that if something is wrong, they will contact you and let you know instead of rejecting the application out of hand. Once you submit an online app. you get a confirmation that they have received it. My understanding is the small seed permit lasts for three years, not sure about the others. So good to have it and get it in place well in advance of ordering. Good luck and have patience.
And don't forget to log on the the e-authentication site or applicable site every 100 days or so, as after 140 days you will have to get re-certified.
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Update: Somewhere on a USDA page is a link to check status of your application(s). When I go to that I get something like application pending. It would be kinda nice if it said something like, "Still in the que." Or "Sam received it, Barbara thumbed her nose at it, and and Fred said What a Bozo." Or anything, really.
Once you get the level 2 access and fill out the applications it usually takes 11-15 working days to be approved and receive you paperwork in the mail.

Note you can still apply the old fashion way by FAX or snail mail. No level 2 access is required however it does take at least 30 days for application and paperwork to get approved and sent to you. Same for any changes you may need to make. You will not have online access though of your permits.
The 11 to 15 working days may be the thing in my case, as I applied in early-mid December, and the holidays surely stretched that out some.
Success!! APHIS granted my permit! Nothing in the mail just yet. I went back on the site and asked for some labels. Do you think they might send labels with the paperwork in the mail??
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I have labels to import plant material such as seeds and wht not does plant material include plants themselves since technically that's materil they are sending?

@ pearl I received labels. They send a good amount of them
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Just a general question, if I wanted to send a plant to someone in America, what would they need, and what would I need?

Not really looking to do this any time soon, but I'm curious as to the possibility.
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Excellent! I guess I jumped the gun on ordering more. When they speak of an "Express Carrier" such as UPS, and including your account # and so on...can you just have them send on your stuff via USPO, and if so, how do you know how much the postage will be? And how do you get it to them, considering they might send it to a different inspection station than the one on the label - if I understand it correctly. I don't have an account with any carrier. Or am I mistaken in that and that the postage by the sender to my home will cover the trip to the IS and back to my home? That is not the way I am reading it. I have never done this, so a bit green still.
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Best make some inquiries to whatever your equivalent of the Dept of Agriculture is.
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This page on the Florida Palm and Cycad Society Website gives an almost step-by-step process on importing live plants. You have to make arrangements for someone to repack and ship the plants to the final destination.


It would seem Palm and Cycad enthusiasts are concerned with importing plants and seeds legally. I can't say that about many CP enthusiasts.

Also contact the USDA and request the circular "Guidance on the Importation of PPQ-regulated articles through Express Carriers Requiring Green and Yellow Labels (PPQ Form 508)"

See also these circulars:

http://www.aphis.usda.gov/plant_health/permits/downloads/q37-2circular.pdf <-- attn: Peatmoss
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Thanks Warren! I'll be doing some reading...
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Got my hard copy in the mail yesterday. No labels were included. Good thing I went back and requested some.
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Got my hard copy in the mail yesterday. No labels were included. Good thing I went back and requested some.
Interesting as I've received two different permits from Aphis & both included labels. I wonder if they just screwed up or it's a new policy?
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Could't say for sure, Ron.

One enclosed sheet list 5 enclosures I should have with the packet. Three are not there, but one letter addresses web links for further information. So perhaps that is considered a substitution. Labels are addressed under conditions, not as to wether or not they were to be included in the package. I may have to go and re-read to see if I misssed something. Maybe I will just call one of the centers and ask them.
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Got my labels today. A friend called me last week and asked if I would find and copy form 1040ez for him as the local libraries and post offices were no longer going to have copies of the tax forms there. Things are getting tough all over.