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Ideas for reducing heat in Grow Chamber


Plant Whisperer
Recently, I upgraded my chamber's lighting to include both red spectrum and white bulbs. However due to the added heat from the new bulb, the daytime heat has been increasing from the low 70's to the low 80's. Most of the plants don't seem to mind, but N. hamata has not been happy with the rise in temperature.

Any ideas for how I can reduce the temperature?
Is there any way to get some airflow around the bulb. Turn a fan on it so that it blows the warm air somewhat towards a vent?
I don't have a fan yet, but I plan to add one soon. There is a 2" gap between the top of the chamber, and the wall, but there is no vent. I've set the timer controlling the AC and misting system to come on for ~30 minutes three times a day. That helped last summer around this time, and I don't see why it wouldn't this time. :)
Another option is to affix a bunch of fans at a little bit of a distance behind or in front of the fixture (or at the location of the ballast) and use it to push away hot air from the fixture.

Blowing air on the bulbs may be an issue. T5HO are optimal at 35C...so I don't know if blowing air on the bulbs with a fan can reduce efficiency of the lights?
I would say a heat sink, as that's a very good way of diverting heat away from stuff, except I don't think that would work too well inside a container. Probably a fan setup is best. If you can figure out how to use one, though, be my guest.