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id these frogs?

i rescued a green tree frog from the parking lot when it came in on a plant shipment when i worked at the nursery here. i put him in a tank and i've had him for four years now. i gave him to my niece when i moved to co, but now i'm back and she brought him to me because she's a bad frog mom. anyway there are two new residences that have been in there since august. these were both caught in michigan.
first one i think is a spring peeper

second one looks like a non tree dweller, no suctions on it's toes.
First one looks like maybe a spring peeper or could be a greenhouse frog. I'm not sure how far north they've expanded their range, though. Second one definitely looks like a Ranid of some sort.
after googling ranid frog images i think it's a wood frog
Could be. Here are some identifying characteristics for wood frogs:

- region of black coloration from the snout, past the eye to the eardrum
- dorsolateral ridges, two raised areas running parallel down each side of the back
- white bellies
- incomplete webbing on front leg toes

Hope that helps! Also, these guys can seriously jump. You may want to consider giving this guy some heavy color to reduce the chances of startling it if you're going to keep it in something as small as a 10g. It'd be able to clear the length of that tank and then some if scared.