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I'd like to reintroduce myself

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Hey my name is Travis I joined back in 2012 and was active until the end of '13 then my living situation changed and i had to leave my plants at my parents house and was bouncing from apartment to apartment through most of '14. I finally have a place that i can stay for a while and finally got my plants back from my parents. My mom did good, surprisingly most of my plants survived. I only had a few casualties and all of my neps survived! They are in rough shape but everything that is still alive is salvageable. I look forward to getting back in the groove of things and catching up on what ive missed in the last year

Welcome back!

I have a new handle, by the way. So much has changed in your absence. o_O
Welcome back! I'm glad to hear that your plants have mostly pulled through, after all the horror stories of plants left in the care of people without CP experience. (My friend lost all of his new pygmy Drosera in just a week of "care" from his brother!)

I hope you'll find that the community is just as active, interesting, and helpful as when you left- if not moreso! :D