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Ibicella lutea seedlings

I have seedlings on those 4 Ibicella lutea seeds that I got from Joel that I planted in the garden here. It took them 10 days to sprout here when they get a little bigger I wiill take a picture of them. :boogie: I sowed them on the 26th of April and I noticed them today here.
Congrats! :) It's a good thing you got them to sprout early... They really do like a very long growing season.

I've sowed mine, but they haven't sprouted yet.
Thanks and good luck on getting your's to sprout. I didn't smell anything. When are they supoosed to start smelling bad?
They'll start smelling once they get bigger. You'll notice it, especially if the plants are happy.

Is anyone else sowing or even getting germination? I know I gave out seed to quite a few members here.