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I want to make an ultrahighland chamber, and have some questions.

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Well, they used freezers, and I'm hoping a cooler will be just as good, although more expensive for the size, and quiet. I really want quiet.

I was thinking about how easily it would be to silicone glass (my preference because of scratches) or even acrylic to the inside of the lid over the rectangular hole for the light, because I know polypropylene is pretty glue-resistant.

EDIT: Well, that settles it. I guess I'll have to buy a freezer. I looked up reviews of thermoelectric coolers, and while a few people said they were great, most people said they were pieces of crap and didn't last long. Well crap. I guess I should invest in some headphones, too. If it's too good to be true, it probably is lmao.

This is the smallest chest freezer I can find. It's a brand I've never heard of. I looked for reviews but couldn't find any. But it DOES have a one year limited warranty. Of course once I cut up the lid it won't apply, but the fact that it has a warranty must mean it's not crap, right? I would go with a brand name freezer if I could find one as small as this, but can't.

This website sells it cheaper. $150 with free shipping (how can they ship something so heavy for free?)

The interior is 11 inches by 17 inches. Tiny. I can fit one dozen four inch pots (a squeeze but doable!), or (my preference) six five inch pots. It says it has a defrost drain. I don't really know what that is.... but it could be good or bad. Good for easy draining of excess water (instead of pumping it out), bad because it could leak (or maybe not?)

I look forward to hearing any thoughts. I DID make 40 bucks organizing legal papers for five hours for my mom, though! Now just 350 more dollars :)