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i need help

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i'm to need some help cause the green in my plant faded. not sure what i require to do as i have no knowledge over the cephalotus i was gifted a month ago. last i watered was 4 days ago. IMG_2309.jpeg


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That looks bone dry, to the point it would just shed any watering attempt. Is that the media it came in? I do t think I've seen bark/mulch used for cephs before.
Also, is that a dome lid? You don't use that with it in the sun do you?
no, i kept my cephalotus indoors strictly though i think someone took it out when i was not home for some time at all.
You would probably do well with a basic overview of how to grow Cephalotus, which you can find here: Growing Cephalotus follicularis | ICPS. It's worth saying, as adnedarn has implied, that these are bog plants and need constant wetness in their soil. They will shrivel and die without it.