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I need advice about caring for nepenthes talengensis x grandulifera

Mar 9, 2019
Hello everybody. I have had my nepenthes talengensis x grandulifera for a few months now and it has hardly grown at all. I treat it like all of my other highland/intermediate nepenthes. I water with distilled water, give about 13-14 hrs of artificial light, and keep the humidity up with a humidifier. I can’t find much info about this plant online, but I keep seeing that It is a vigorous grower. How come it isn’t growing for me? All it’s done in months is produce a small leaf about half the size of its other leafs. The temperature is around 65-70 degrees day and night. Any advice would be appreciated.
Jul 3, 2011
All highland Nepenthes (and their hybrids) require cool nighttime conditions - cooler than 65F. While your other plants may be doing OK for now, eventually warmer nights will disrupt the plant's metabolism and you may see a drop in performance over time. Some species react more dramatically to extended periods of warm temps than others, so comparing one plant's performance to another is very much comparing apples to oranges. Nepenthes NEED a night-to-day temperature differential of at least 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Twenty degrees is even better. I urge you to make this happen in order to get the best from your plants.

Ideally, you need to get night temps down to 55F (or thereabouts: 45F being the lowest, and 60F being the absolute warmest) from this point forward. Some intermediate plants may do OK indefinitely with 60F nights, but 55F would be much better for them.

I always found that new plants took up to 6 months to properly acclimate to my conditions, and it was premature to make any assumptions about the plant's behavior/health until 6 months or more had passed. However, since you state that your hybrid has only made smaller leaves than its previous ones, this too suggests that night temperatures are consistently too high.