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I Like fishing too! Lets see some fishing pics.

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Been doing some fall chinook fishing and wanted to show off some pictures. All the fish kept are used to the fullest. We eat all the meat, any egg skeins are cured and used for more bait, and we use the carcasses as crab bait to get more food for the freezer.

If you got some fishing pictures, I would love to see them also.

33" Hen. She was a lot brighter than this picture appears.

Some great eggs to cure up.

Couple nice shiny bucks we got tonight. Had a GREAT time with my boys. The eggs from the hen above turned out stellar and we were the only ones that caught fish. I released 2 decent sized males that were starting to get really dark. And had one fish bend my 2/0 hook completely straight. The big buck measured in at right under 39". I didn't put them on the scale, but I can tell you it was a rough trip back to the car carrying these two.

That looks like fun and yummy food
Good size fish! I don't fish to catch food often (not fond of the taste), but I do like sport fishing, especially for bass. I think the biggest I've landed was a 9 lb. largemouth.
That is, unless you count the 30 lb. lemon shark I caught down in the Florida keys once....
Nice! Salmon and Saltwater fish are the only I really care to keep as food. I plan on getting a nice kayak to do some bass fishing next year.

Got two more super fresh hens tonight. Only got a picture of one before it got to dark.

I'm a bass fisherman as well. Gotta love the sport :)