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I have a very important test on friday, and i should be studying, but i had to relieve some stress so i took some pictures.

Here's the one of 3 nurseries where i keep small plants.


Here's the nursery without the top. I have 3 tiny bicalcs and a N burbidgeae seedling in there. I'm hoping the bicalcs won't outgrow this for a few more months.


Here are two N eymae pitchers that look wonderful!


Here's my N neoguineensis plant. I should transplant it soon.


Here's a closeup of the pitchers.


One of my N raff plants is also flowering, but i'll take a picture of it when the flowers start to open.
Nice plant, I love the eymae. Never heard of N neoguineensis, nice plant though !
Really nice pictures! The top of your mini-greenhouse looks really interesting.
cant wait to see the uppers on that neo to see if its the true form...
Very cool. How long ago did you get those N. bicals?
Has anyone else wondered how he manages to have

[b said:
Quote[/b] ]3 tiny bicalcs and a N burbidgeae seedling in there.

So which plant you torturing, the bicals or the burbidgeae?
Hey Joel...good to see you around. Glad to see you keep up with your plants AND your studying.

They look great. Nice pitchers there.