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hydro/ aguaponic CP terrarium


was thinking of making such a set up. i have a shoping basket i was thinking of putting in a tub, and using a fish pump to pump. got seeds and putting something together soon.
This sounds very interesting. I am interested in hydroponics and aquaponics also. I haven't experimented with it but I always wanted to try aquaponics with carnivorous plants. From the little bit of information that I have gathered, Sarracenia may be the best bet because their roots can tolerate more fertilization that other cp's. That is what I found out when I researched fertilizing Sarracenia. I really look forward to seeing your set up and results.
Ive got the equipment. Ive been building it up slowley. Got a greenhouse and another aqaurium today. Soaking some spahgnum right now. It has just rained and got fresh rain water. wanna put something together soon. in the next few days. trying to do research to see how to prep the seeds