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How to Not Kill My Nepenthes?


Formerly known as Pineapple
My swamp cooler decided to break down during the hottest part of summer. Luckily I'm able to return it due to the warranty, but I'll have to send it back and then I'll have to find another and set it up. That may be a month or two. So for now, I moved all of my Nepenthes into two terrariums. They get into the low 80s during the day and cooler off into the 70s at night. I don't want to kill my Nepenthes with hot night temperatures. I don't want to have to move 17 plants outside every night where they can take advantage of the 50F nights. What can I do to keep my terrariums cooler at night without losing humidity?

Last night was a bit hot, so it was a bad time to test, but say it gets down to 70F at night and stays around 85F during the day. Will that kill them? What signs will I see that they aren't liking it? Will they just turn black at the last minute or what? ???
open the windows and use a fan to get the cool air in the room,use less light , make shore to keep the humidity up
A few nights like that will not harm them but over time those temps will do damage by increasing the HL Nepenthes' metabolism. Their leaves grow faster than they are supposed to and come in smaller and smaller with non pitchering tendrils. Left to grow that way they eventually will die by "growing to death". This rapid growth activity can be reversed by placing them back into correct temperatures but it takes them time to readapt to the proper cool temps and grow normally again.

If you can't put them near an open window with the cool air coming in as Mickey said then go and buy a window Air Conditioner and run it next to the terrariums all night and that should at least bring the area they are in down at about 10 degrees to 60*F.
So how long exactly can they survive it? Is a month doable?

It was really hot yesterday, so I think the temps were a bit wacky. Should be around 68F at night or something on average. I'll put some ice packs in the terrarium (there are chambers in the back that are separate from the plants, so I can just stick them in there which shares the same air but not the same space... This is a pretty long parenthetical write-up... lol...) for tonight.
Well ice packs did nothing... 71F last night in the terrarium. :censor:
What exactly went wrong with the swamp cooler? They aren't very complex.
It might be an easy fix.
To be honest I wouldn't be really worried about it. This small leaf death syndrome happens over a long period of time. My lowlanders are exposed to Highland temps over the winter which they easily recover from when spring comes back and they start to make big leaves again. The same happens with my finicky Highlanders over the intense summer months. Your Nepenthes may put out about one leaf smaller then the last, but thats about it for a months time. Once back in the GH they should recover with in the next leaf ;).