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How to care for plantlets

How do I care for my new plantlets? they are 3-4cm in width, should they be kept in slightly shaded sun from the adult plants? Because I have many plantlets from a dealer online and there is a lot of them! I just thought that they would need less light than the adults.

Thank you,
I treat the plantlets in the same way as the adults. Give them lots of sun and they should grow happily.
Hi Im reasonably new to the CP scene, but Im Hooked! Im not sure of the exact type of Trap I have, but its predominately green with pink inside and a darker pink on the outside of the traps. I was just wondering how large they usually grow, and whether 40 traps on the one plant is a lot? and theres about 10 buds. Cheers
They.... are ..... dying... NOOOOOOOOOOOO!They have gone all limp and have started to go brown/ and curl around.
How can I save them? FLYTRAP EMERGENCY!
SUPERTHRIVE!!! It'll kick in just in time. Wait, are there any rhizomes yet?
40 Traps on one plant is definatley a lot. Or at least a lot more than average. My biggest one has maybe 15
SUPERTHRIVE won't help now. your plants need more humidity, less light and heat.
I would put a cover over them to hold the humidity if they aren't already covered and give them lots of bright indirect sunlight.  Get them adjusted to lower humidity slowly over several weeks by opening the cover for longer periods over that time.  I can't give you a time table because I've always done my plants on their appearance.  If they look like they are handling a change OK I increase it a little the next time.  If they don't look like they are handling it well. I go back a couple steps and keep working back up gradually.
  You will also have to keep an eye out for fungus.  It can kill seedlings and small sprouts quickly.  PFT sells two types of fungisides if you can't find any where you live.  You can also try using a Q-tip or other cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to wibe off the fungus.
  When you water use only distilled, rain, or RO water.  Tap water may be OK if it has a low mineral content, but if your not sure use rain water or store bought.  Just be sure the store bought doesn't have minerals or anything else added for flavoring or to make it "healthier".
Once you've got them adjusted to the lower humidity to a point where you can uncover them for a while, then you can start adjusting them to more direct sunlight. They develope their coloring best when they have lots of direct sunlight.

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