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How should I grow my N. Spathulata x Campanulata?

Should I grow it more like a highlander or lowland?
Thank you.
It should probably be grown as an intermediate - in between the two. Room temperature should be fine, but higher humidity for pitchering will probably be required.
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Old thread, but here it goes. I was just about to ask the same question as OP. After I received my Spath x Camp last summer I grew it in lowland conditions, i.e. 28C day / 26-21C night, high humidity. It made a pitcher but the following leaves did not unfold completely, although it made a pitcher on that leaf. When the next leaf was like this too, I decided to do something. I moved it to my other terrarium which has only 25-26C day and 21C night, high humidity. After a few weeks the new leaf now developing looks normal. Could it be that the temp change made the difference? Soil is LFS/perlite.