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How much light for Graptoveria amethorum?

I've read enough about the light requirements for this plant to be totally confused.

Right now it's in its own pot, so I don't kill it in a too-much or not-enough light combo. It's inside and off to the side of a grow light in a dry terrarium.

I'd love to keep it outside, as I understand it's hardy to about 25F, but I also understand it can't be too wet in the winter or it rots, so that nixes that idea. Our winters are usually pretty wet, even when they are not sub-freezing.

I grow mine all mostly outside. During the winter you just need to utilize cover to prevent the roots from getting too wet. A day of rain if the soil is dry probably won't kill it but several days of that sure can. I live in Texas. The winters don't get very cold, but it is very, very wet and I have lost my share of succulents in the winter time. The key seems to be a very well-draining, low organic soil mix. I like an almost pure perlite or stone mix as most as these plants do grow in dry, loamy or low organics conditions. Use plant blankets to cover them on rainy days and nights; I actually like to use clear heavy duty plastic sheets so they still receive a fair amount of light. And speaking of light, you have the right idea for your Grapto- bright, but indirect light at first. It'll do fine almost totally shaded but will benefit being acclimated to morning and evening light.