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How much is too much?

Just today as I was looking at the plants, I noticed my maxima had caught some large cockroaches. It's not a humongous pitcher and I'm worried how much it can eat! When it first opened it caught one (like inch and a half), and today I noticed two more fresh ones, side by side. I beleive they're american cockroaches Could too many roaches cause it to rot? ???

It's a pretty plant, but very hungry! Here's a picture of the pitcher (not it's contents)... blech

This pitcher has since rotted. I noticed a foul smell around the plants and after investigating, found patch on the bottom that was rotted down to the fibers inside the wall of the pitcher. I cut the pitcher and discarded it. But that's not why I'm posting...

This morning, I noticed a large pitcher on my mixta had the same rot, but much worse. The black portion had advanced a little less than halfway up the pitcher. It seemed to stop right where the fluid stops. Inside, the pitcher was filled with large cockroaches. Enough so that the top roaches were sticking out of the water. The liquid had become black and very thick. I won't even describe the smell. Again, I cut the pitcher and discarded it. Here are some pics...






The pitchers are doing their job too well! All the larger pitchers I have have caught these but not in thess quantities. Luckily, neither plant has be badly effected by this, they're growing fast and keep putting out pitchers. Is there anything I can do? ???
I wouldn't be worried about it. This usually happens to me when my Nep pitchers eat more then they can handle.
Not much you can do to keep them away but on the plus side your plant will be well fed and keep growing and producing more leaves and pitchers at a faster rate so it should just get bigger & better. No worries! :)