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how much humidity does D. venusta needs?

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since i got the D. venusta, i have been keeping a clear cup over it. i'm not sure if that is the right thing to do. one of the leaves is unfolded and growing. however, all the other leaves are turning brown and going down.

how much humidity does D. venusta need? do i need to remove the cup? if i remove the cup or any amount of time, it seems the dew no longer there. when i put the cup back on, the dew comes back soon after.
what are the other parameter in the environment of your growing area? I have D.venusta growing outside. Humidity can drop down to 30% at times. It doesn't impact them in my growing conditions. tray watered, creating very localized high humidity micro climate. But I also have conditions that are similar to that of its native range in South Africa. So need more info.....
D. venusta stays indoor in my study. it's near the windowsill but not right next to it. the area is around 65-75 degree F depends on the time of the day, under the cup might be higher. i assume 80-85. the room is very dry, but it's standing on top of pebbles on a dish, not touch the water. depends on the exact location of the room, the humidity can be anywhere between 20% to 60%. however, since it has clear cup on it, i assume that humidity under the cup is around 80% or higher. it gets few hours of sun since it's in the side of the room. i have been bottom feeding water every 3 day or so or when i see the top of the soil looks dry. the soil mix is 1:1 peat moss and coarse sand. it's in 4x4x4 plastic container.

i'm not sure if i should take the cup off and see if it will do better. but at the same time, i'm concerned that this will dry up the leaves. until recently when i took more attention to the plants, our plants indoor had life expectancy of about 3 months. they all dried up and died.
my outdoor growing conditions are sort of odd. Days rarely get to 80F nights are down to 50F most of the year, except winter when it is about 40F and Summer when it is 60 F. More play with venusta it seems it like to have a cooler climate. Under the plastic cup it may also be heating up retaining heat like a mini greenhouse. If you had an infra red thermometer you might be able to test really quickly....
i'm going to leave the cup off tonight to see if that helps. if it looks dried up in the morning, i'll drill some holes tomorrow on the cup to ventilate. it's possible that the temp under the cup is getting too high. it gets steamy under the cup when i come home from work. thanks.
I have a D. venusta. It's doing awesome in my conditions. Even better then most others. I think it's bound to loose its dew for about a week while adjusting to lower humidity but after that i should be fine. Mine is in a tray in my room. The humidity is usually 40%-60% which is still fairly humid for indoors but it's not anything like being in a cup. I think it's one of the nicest drosera in my small collection.
The easier dews, including venusta, can tolerate very low humidity. My capensis, aliciae, affinis, binata, and even adelae can tolerate the extreme low humidity in my house, which often goes below 20%.
i took the cup off last night. i put a tiny hygrometer next to the container and the RH is around 32%. i misted it tonight. hope it will do well. when the new leaf came out, it was wonderful looking.
had two D. venusta. one developed heavy mold. that one went straight into the trash can. the other one is now doing much better. no cup and it's forming dew on the leave :)