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How close am I to a D. capensis cultivar?

Hi guys. I've been breeding D. capensis for about 4 years now and have an F5 or 6 (can't remember--have to check my notes) generation. It's got typical/red leaf/alba worked in in various ways. This generation, I had a couple plants I could tell were really special. Now that they're flowering, my suspicions are confirmed. The flowers are about 2-3x the size of typical capensis flowers. One has crests/red lines in the middle of each petal. Both have slightly red-tinged leaves that are easily 2x the size and thickness of a typical capensis.

Has anyone seen these traits before? Is this unique enough to merit a cultivar or should I keep breeding?

I wish I had a typical flowering now to give you an idea of how much bigger my plants are, but right now I don't. :(

I'd say you're pretty darn close if not already there!

I plan on doing the same thing someday... I want my own capensis cultivar too
You might be close enough to call it, by why should you stop breeding? Keep it up! See how pronounced/stable you can get these traits!!
I'm absolutely going to keep breeding! It's so much fun and this bloom completely took me by surprise. I've got 'Wide Leaf' and my next plan is to keep the leaves not only long, but beef them up in width too. Fortunately D. capensis bloom so frequently that multiple clones can be in flower simultaneously.

I stare at these plants daily without anybody to show them to or talk to them about.... so I figured the community would be a better judge of "how different is this plant, really?" I figured if I had that happen in 6 generations, then undoubtedly someone who's been growing CPs much longer would've seen it pop up already. I do really appreciate the feedback!

Does anyone have D. capensis 'Giant' or anything like that, where they could measure the average leaf length and give me an estimate of how my plant compares?