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how big do you let your cutting/seedlings get before planting them?

I have 1 with a small tap root and 1 that is kinda tall with no tap root. right now they are in LFS just curious how much do I let them grow before moving them to media?
It depends. I may transplant them into a small temporary pot when they barely have any root on them, or you can let them get established and then transplant them. However, it's easier when they only have a little root, that way you're not disturbing the root system later and they have longer to get established in their new pot.
k...on average how long do you let the root get before moving to media?
I don't pay much attention to the root length, I usually transplant my leaf cutting strikes once the leaves get 3/8" or so long, are nice and dewy, and able to catch insects.
Just be sure to take up enough of the lfs with the small plant so you don't disturb the roots too much.
Works for me.