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Highlanders for trade


As some of you know, my room gets very hot during the summer and I need to use an AC to keep my
plants at a good temp. However we are no longer able to afford the price of cooling so I need to
reduce the power bill by getting rid of my my AC. Sadly, that means I can no longer grow HLers because
it gets way to hot in my room. I will be trading off my highlanders and switching to lowlanders, please
let me know what lowlanders you have for trade.

For now I will be offering every highlander I have (including Eddie, lowii, inermis, Hamata, my helis, etc.).
otherwise I will keep my smaller Hlers if I can somehow make a cheap Highland setup. If you are interested
or want to ask any questions please do not post yet, first you must
look at the first letter in each line of this post, read what it says.
Sincerely, Luca
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Hahaha that's a good one. You had me fooled :D
I thought it was legit until I read the comments. I hope that makes you feel good Heli, you convinced one person. If it is legit, I have two N. ampullaria and a few misc others for trade. PM if interested. :p
Mason is mad cause he fell for it :eek:
Edit: and so is Drew :p
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When i take the first letter of each line, i get "Amprbipl Fhoiols". ???

How about I trade you a nice lowland truncata for your edwardsiana? :-D
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yeah I have that issue when I look at it on my phone.

we totally have a deal.. i'll throw in a lowii and some monopoly money.
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At first I was like ORLY?

Then I was like oh..really?
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Dang had me convinced there for a sec :lol: .
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good one.. You had me almost excited for a minute there.
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Yeah I was stoked for a little bit... That was the most successful april fool that anyone pulled on me this year :(
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Was wondering if you have a xs red hairy hamata or N Edwardsiana for an immediate sale?

Thank you,

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CP4ever, this was an April fools joke, not a literal request for trades. Plus, no up front selling on this forum, trades and giveaways only.
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Had me going there too. Seemed kinda strange.