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Highland Terrarium Ideas

Im looking to set up a 10 gallon aquarium as a highland terrarium. Here is one of my ideas for the terrarium let me know what you think any advice or wisdom would be greatly appreciated. I have never had any highland plants so this is all experimental. I have a couple of doubts about if it will cool the tank enough at night the fridge pump would only run after the lights shut off and i will probably be using t5's so over heating shouldn't be a problem. Let me know what you think.
Thank you in advance,

Doing all of that fancy stuff for a HL terrarium is a waste on a 10 gallon. Say your plants grow really well like they should with those great conditions they would get, you would have to spend money to set up a bigger terrarium later. Maybe start with a 29 gallon... I even ran out of room in my tall 29 gallon. If you have the space, I would recommend a 50 gallon or larger. You'll never run out of room... Or at least for a while.

Since a mini fridge and all that work would be so expensive, why not just set up a grow rack with that equipment?
Pine: Well I have a fully functioning mini fridge just sitting in the garage and I dont have the space for anything bigger cause i have a 55 gallon LL terrarium lol maybe ill switch them
Drew: I could make a smaller version of that, how low does it get the temps?
It depends on your conditions. Mine gets the temps into the high fifties or low sixties, I have a link to a temp calculator on the thread.
this is an age old problem , and when you finally get the temp drops your going to need your going to have massive sweat / condensation running every where so make plans for some kind of catch or drain system i've though a long while about the mini fridge, even did a few drawings but still from all ive read here and there on this forum , i still havent tried the set up yet , ill be watching yours , maybe i can use a few ideas from you, keep us up on how its going.
Im not sure if this is the route i want to go yet, just kind tossing around ideas at this point. Ideally I would like to get a grow tent and use that as my highland setup but i think my girlfriend would kill me (i havent converted her to the dark side yet). If any one has other ideas on cooling a 10 gal terrarium lmk