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Hi from Louisiana

Hi all,

I'm currently a student at LSU studying conservation biology, and when I'm home I live just north of New Orleans. I have a small CP collection, but I've always been fascinated by them. Currently, I have a mini-bog that I plan on expanding when I have the time.

I also grow orchids and am beginning to teach myself how to flask them as well. I have well over 100 species in various places either at home or school. I keep dart frogs as well and have a pretty sizeable collection right now.

I look forward to participating in this community and hope to learn a bunch from you guys. Hopefully, I'll be able to teach everyone a little bit too!

Welcome to TF!
:welcome: I was just down in your part of the country for a few days, was in the Hammond/Albany area visiting family. Welcome to TF
Welcome! I consider myself a New Orleanian, though I've never lived there myself :)

My mom is from Houma and my dad is from Marrero, sister was born and raised in New Orleans and went to Tulane, and I'm back there for every holiday. Love it!! Seems like there are a few south Louisiana growers on here on TF.
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

DJ, Hammond's not far from me at all. It's about halfway between my actual house and my apartment at school!

Fury, I'm from Slidell and have a few friends at Tulane. I'm right across the lake from your family.