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Hi from GA

Been collecting for awhile. In the past few years my collection has grown and mostly flourished. Here is a good pic!
Welcome! :wave:

That is quite an interesting picture.:0o: Was this staged or natural?
Welcome to TF!
Natural, I glanced at the plants and thought something was off. I then noticed poor little guy was a goner. Was surprised he couldn't wiggle free.
Welcome! Good to have another southerner on board!
Yea, the weather here is great for most CP's. Here are some pretty ones.
Hey there welcome aboard! :)
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Thanks everyone! Started looking for a N. Bicalcarata. I think it would like the weather here.
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Hi pebbles! I'm also new and in GA. Amazing lizard picture! I love seeing Anole carolinensis around my outside plants, they seem to keep the giant roaches somewhat in check.
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I have a N. Miranda to take care of roaches. We have lots of reptiles and amphibians around the house, but that was the first time one was eaten by a plant. I do get tree frogs living in the nepenthes pitchers during the day, though.
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Hmmm... maybe a good reason for me to get a Nepenthes, the roaches eat the growing tips off roots of orchids when they're outside for the summer. :cuss:
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I even found a mole-cricket in the Nepenthes!