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Hi from Ashland Oregon!

Hello everyone! My name is Kyle and I just started "foruming" with my love of all things nepenthes. I am currently studying botany at Southern Oregon University. :)

Hope to meet some new friends!

Nice to meet you and welcome to the forum.
Hi, Kyle. You live in a great place for Nepenthes and CPs in general, with nearly perfect weather and many like-minded growers in your vicinity. Although we're a few hours North, several of us get together in Portland on the second Saturday of every month to talk about and sometimes swap plants. If you're ever in town, give us a shout!
Wow that sounds great! Although I never seem to make it that far north :/ If it ever does happen I will definitely send you a message. Likewise if your ever passing through the south hit me up Mato!
Welcome to TF, Kyle.

Paul in Corvallis
Welcome to TF!
Welcome to TF!