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HF greenhouse build


sarracenia lover
Well I decided to start on my 10x12 harbor freight GH. Been simple so far except for the usual no holes where there should be holes and overall fragility of the thing. [br][br]I will be making this into a tank...reinforcing with wood. I'm also going to connect my 6x8 to the front of it and make one structure. Was hoping id be framing with wood today but I'm sure you all know how plans go.

Mounted the base to 4x4s


Took it to its plot

Leveled it and got the sides on

Got the top on too but it was dark and I was wore out lol. More pics soon.
can't wait to see more :)
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Awesome! Glad you're expanding. Still super jealous of your Sarr collection!!

May you not get 60MPH winds this winter like I did last winter!! The big HFGH is even more of a plastic kite than the littler one!
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I have heard some very poor reviews of this model. I trust you will be cluing the panels into place?
I have heard some very poor reviews of this model. I trust you will be cluing the panels into place?

Tek screws. Not glue. I tried spray adhesive and that just sucked!
It won't be going anywhere when its finished. I'm going to build a wooden frame inside and screw and silicon the panels in place. This GH def won't survive without reinforcements.
You should look online at other people's builds. There are several good modifications that will keep it from falling apart or blowing away. It's not a great unit as packaged, but you couldn't buy the acrylic for what it costs, so it's worth a bit of extra work.
I guess screws would be a LOT more weather-proof than any kind of glue! I'll be interested to see how this turns out.
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I spent $50 on screws, $60 on caulk, $40 for a foundation.... in the end the construction costs were easily double what I paid for the actual GH ($200 onsale, 6x8).

Next time around, I'll be building one myself with a sturdy frame and polycarb paneling.
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Ive spent around $750 total. Not bad imo for the space though next time I'll be building a hoophouse. Kits aren't too pricey and I think theyd be my best bet.

Can't complain about the HF GHs though. I owned the 6x8 for a couple years and bought the bigger version so theyre def not bad GHs. Just flimsy.
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Sorry about not updating this thread. I'm in and out a lot:). The GH is up and holding up fine. Been through a few storms and lots of wind and has held up fine so far. Probably ended up spending $1000 including the GH cost. Not bad for the space.

Too bad I have to wait til spring to see it in all its glory.
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Nice job! Can't wait to see photos when you've filled it to the brim. I see you framed the door yourself too. How are you heating?

I wanted the larger size but couldn't risk it with the insanity of wind we get. Next greenhouse will be 100% hand-built.
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Thanks! Yup, unfortunately I did frame in the door:p. I just use a lil space heater on a thermostat set to 34f. You'd be surprised at what a lot of screws and a whole lot of silicon can do for this structure. I just threw the bag of clips away that came with it.

Its full;). I just decided to put the GH up when everything was going dormant.
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