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It was just a few weeks ago that I moved the lion's share of my collection from the attic (where it was getting too cold for a lot of them), to the apartment. Among the evacuees were a colony of G. hispidula that had been flowering. I put it and others in a closet, under a fluorescent light. Today I noticed that all I have visible from the surface were the 3 or 4 flower stalks (still green). Where did the so-called leaves go? Do they ever just disappear from the surface and still have activity beneath? Anyone else experience this with species?
I had something like this happen to my U. graminifolia, where the only leaves that were visible were coming outta the bottom holes. But when I increased water levels, it seemed to make more on the surface.

I have had limited experience with genlisea, but I also have had some utrics and other genlisea do something similar.

Do they come back eventually? Does warmth or cold or less or more water change the situation?
It seemed with mine more water did something.