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This went to small leaves a few months ago and stopped putting up putting up flowers. Last week it started to put up a flower. I bottom watered it. The stalk drooped as the water got to the bottom of the tray. I let it dry a bit and the stalk perked up. Now this. What should I do?


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Since no one more knowledgeable has replied, I'll offer what I can. I suspect that the roots of your plant are suffering from deterioration due to either overly-compact/dense soil or too much moisture. You might consider repotting it into a lighter soil containing about 50% perlite. I use a water tray that never goes dry but if you top-water several times week that should be good, too. The soil must be kept moist. I wish you success!
Thanks that is the soil that I have. 50% peat and perlite. Odd that the top does not feel wet when the tray is full of water. will repot using some sphagnum in the mix today.

Do not put sphagnum in the mix, just increase the perlite quantity significantly (if there's any peat in the mixes I use, it's maybe 20% of the volume at most, the rest is perlite and sand). The vast majority of Mexican butterworts grow in rocky or sandy seeps and don't do well in highly organic mixes without particularly special care.
Also if the center of the plant is black as it looks like in the photo, take leaf pullings away from the crown immediately and expect that the main plant will collapse. Black centers are never good.
a black center most of the time is the beginning of a rot due to a substrate that is too wet.
try with the leaves to make cuttings