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Help with mites


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A few months ago, my N. hamata stopped making pitchers, and growth slowed down noticeably. I attributed it to an increase in light and drop in humidity (this was when I upgraded my lighting and the misting system failed), but it appears that it actually has mites. I am planning to use neem oil on it, but I'm unsure of the exact dilution necessary or if it will even work without damaging the plant.

Thanks in advance.
I use Einstein Oil brand Neem. I've been told to steer clear of Dyna Gro brand. I've been using 1/2 tsp neem, 16 Oz Water, and 1/8th tsp wetting agent. I've sprayed twice in 2 weeks with no plant damage, and lots of mite KIAs.
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Safer Soap IME is much more effective on mites. ~$5 a bottle and readily available. Don't apply in heat above 85F. If you are under intense lighting, make the application after they go off at night. Burn shouldn't be an issue, but if you are especially concerned you can limit any burn whatsoever by washing the chemical off in the morning.

Same rules apply for Neem.

Pesticides clog the stomata. Stomata cool the leaf surface via transpiration. That's the basic mechanism for the most common type of oil/soap-related pesticide burn.
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