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Help with Citrus Plants

Background Info:
My girlfriend had 4 citrus plants growing indoors. She has no outside space except for 4 small window boxes. She has had the 4 citrus plants for about a year and four months. I got them for her from a mail order catalogue. Three plants came together, unmarked, in one pot and their should be 1 Lemon, 1 Lime, 1 Orange, and 1 Tangerine. Two were easy to separate from the pot, the other two were entangled and repotted together. They were planted in Miracle Grow Citrus mix. They were fertilized once around 6 months ago with citrus fertilizer. They are watered around once a week, but never have standing water in their saucers. They are on a windowsill that faces south and receives bright light all day long. We had Whitefly one or two months ago, (an unrelated event) but treated with Neem Oil and have had no issues since.

The Problem:
Only one of the citrus plants has grown well for her since the beginning. It produces new, large, dark green leaves. It has flowered, was hand pollinated, and set fruit, that it is currently holding. The other 3 plants have never been strong growers. They have grown since she's had them but have always been a light green/yellow color with smaller leaves and less growth. The smallest single plant recently died for no apparent reason. The other 2 (that are entangled together) recently flowered, but failed to set fruit. They often drop leaves and just have never looked healthy. What can be done to help these two plants thrive? Please see the attached photos for a visual reference.

The Photos:

Here is the healthy plant:

Notice the large, dark green leaves.

It is holding fruit.

Here are the 2 intertwined sickly plants:

The left plant looks better than the right plant.

Overlooking right side plant. Notice the spent flowers, they did not set fruit after being hand pollinated.

Light green/yellowish leaves.

Overlooking left side plant.

Please let me know if more photos or information is needed to help these plants.
Thanks for the link, I'll share it with my girlfriend and maybe we can figure it out.

Also, sorry for the sideways photos. I tried to fix it, but couldn't do it.
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