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Help! What is growing with my VFTs!?

What is this grass looking organic growing with my babies?
Growing in LFS and perlite.
The only thing I have changed was feeding them with Jessie Mae’s VFT and carnivorous drops.
I was very cautious to not get a bunch on the spagnum.
Now I noticed a few fungus knats (less then a dozen but that’s enough for concern.)
So I guess part two of this post is at what PPM is Mosquito Dunk tea non lethal to my bb girls just in case any eggs were laid.
Thank you so much in advance for your help.

Jesse James


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Are you talking about around the edge of the pot? It looks like sedge grass. It has very long roots and can really cram up a pot. Pull them if you can.

As far as mosquito dunks, I don't know that there is any dangerous level. Use the instructions on the package as far as the amount to use. I just toss a chunk in my water trays and have never had a problem.
Ok thank you.
Any idea why sedge grass started growing in this pot?
My Traps honestly have been looking a lot healthier and happier since it popped up.
Not sure if this is just coincidence but they were bought late in season and come to me still growing so we’re not put into dormancy for the plants health.
So is the grass harmless?
It kinda makes the space a little less bare.
Or should I yank it?

Thanks my friend
The sedge grass doesn't do any plant damage but it will take up root space and they are quick growing. It's up to you whether you keep them or not. I'd also suggest that if you need faster results Mosquito Bits are a faster-acting product with almost the same ingredients. Mosquito dunks last a lot longer tho', for some reason.
Ok thanks for the advice brother.
Gonna yank some in the areas I need root growth.
Mosquito bits, can I get those in Canada?
I seem to have sedge grass appear randomly. No rhyme or reason for it, it just seems to appear.
Wasn’t sure if I had done wrong with the drops.
My plants doubled in size easily but if it was going to do more harm than good I was gonna just quit using it.
Glad to know that grass just pops up.
Thank you 🙏🏼
For the mosquito bits/dunks you don't have to worry about harm to your plants. It's a bacterial agent that targets the fungus gnat larvae. No way for it to harm plants.
Another great thing I have learned.
Been scared to use in in my CPs but have a very large collection of other tropicals and they have all been done.
Now everyone get it.
Haha **** u flys, I will win now.

Thanks Grey