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Help! repotting huernia and stem rot orbea

Dec 10, 2015
Is there someone experienced on huernias / orbeas / etc. who can help me?

I have a lot of questions, please read my history ��

pd: excuse my bad english, it is not my native language.

The first important thing for this "story" is that long ago, I forgot to water one of my Orbeas. She had shrinked quite a lot, but not too much.
After watered them, days passed, she wasn't taking the water from the soil and she finally rot.

Now about my Huernia
Last week, I found a stem shrinked. Fearing my huernia was rotting, I freaked out and digged up her.

But It seem she just was lacking of water, it was strange! because I watered her few days ago. Anyway, I'm not sure if it was rot or dehydration.

I separated the soil from her roots a bit agressive, later, lots of them got completely dried, It was a mess and I just cut half of the entire root system �� then I dip them on dissolved captan (fungicide) for a while.
I didn't planted her yet.

So I had my "mother" plant bare root on my table and the cuttings which fell off, I decided to repot them, but I got a bit obsessed by searching for the most appropriate soil, and I didn't found the materials at time, days passed and finally, yesterday, I decided to use what I have in my house, while I get the other stuff.
I have Quartz sand, garden soil and humus and I made a mix between 8 parts sand, 1 soil and 1 humus.

��And now, I just have all my cuttings planted... (but I think the sand hold water too much, maybe. I never used quartz sand before)

So...What should I do now ? I'm afraid that my "mother" plant would rot If I just plant her on this mix, she is stressed (I think) stems are healthy, but some are shrinking slowly.

I don't know what to expect because, my orbea (which I talked about on the first lines) after a dehydration she just rot, maybe that could happen now to my huernia If I don't make things the right way

Should I keep using quartz ? for me, buying perlite it's a waste of money, I have just two options, one is too expensive for few liters and the other too much (100 liters) which I will not use because I want pumice instead. (maybe I can change my mind)
I can't find grinded pumice for now. It will take me some time to.

should I use root hormone to accelerate the process? what should I do, How should I repot this plant without worrying of rotting?

That's it, thank you for reading, hope you can help me!

Maybe I'm worrying too much, but I easily get anxious when these things happen
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