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help building a carnivore bog with water and land parts

So i have a tank is 2ft long x 1ft wife x 6" high, same tank in the picture. my issue is im not sure how to build my land and water parts. This tank will be all carnivores as well including some aquatic plants. Using the same soil mix as below, 50/50 peat sphag to sand. I'm not copying this design but my idea is to look similar with a high spot and the rest lower with shallow water like this.. I'm completely stumped though, ive tried it all and no luck.

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Are you planning it to be tropical or temperate? You could put some aquatic Utricularia and Aldrovanda in the water. On the higher parts, you could put some neps but they will eventually outgrow the tank. Heli's may work but I am not sure. In the areas in between, you could put some drosera and Utricularia. If it is temperate then you could put some sarracenia and temperate drosera on the land.
This tank is going to use only tropical carnivores, I am aware of some of the dormancies needed and it will be a challenge. The plants i have down thats not my issue. My sole question in this is how to build this? How was this tank in the picture built if anyone has any guesses. i'm using the same tank and soil mix and im trying to if I HAVE to use a false bottom not have it show on all 4 sides.