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Steven Stewart here,

I am in Central Florida and have occasionally lurked here. I belonged years ago, but apparently my status got old without my participation.
I look forward to lurking and occasionally posting some alternative ideas.

Take care,
Steven Stewart
Hi Steve and welcome to TF! Don't you have a CP book on the market?
Thank you for the welcome!
I don't have any books published. I am the one that messed up the name of the "cuptrap flytrap" by publishing it as Dionaea 'Cupped Trap'! Sorry about that!

Take care,
Welcome! Your name sounds familiar.
Welcome back :) Would you like to have back the name Dionaea Cupped Trap? I could easily merge the names and make your current posts count under that name.... and the 4 posts associated :p


Welcome to the forum. You just back from Malaysia right ?
Hiya, welcome to TF! :wave:

Wuhoo, another Central-Floridian. :D
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Thank you all!

This forum has a great group of friendly members!
I look forward to future days here.