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Hello to all

Apr 9, 2020
I'm excited to have found this forum. Have already learned lots of great info. I live in zone 10, Inglewood/Los Angeles, California so am lucky to be able to grow most of these plants outside. Have had a few carnivores before, mostly Sarracenias, but didn't have great growing info so ended up killing them. Am starting again and am collecting a varied assortment. I am a landscaper, garden nerd and plant-a-holic with waaaayyy too many plants. It's definitely an addiction/obsession! would like to make some mixed plantings and mini bogs. Love the varieties of colors, sizes and flowers. It was the spectacular Sarracenia flowers that got me interested years ago.

One big question I have right away is: can I combine some carnivores with fish in a combo bog water garden. I realize the issue about most not wanting water that has fertilizer from fish poop but am thinking there must be some that grow along the edge of regular, nutrient rich water in nature????? I like fish and also concerned about mosquitoes in all this standing water. I grow a lot of different water plants and have an aquaponics set up now with a gravel bed. Am intending to make a fish pond this summer but now most plants are in tubs.

Any advice would be welcome! Anxious to learn as much as possible from you all.
Aug 6, 2013
Welcome to the forum. :)

As for fish and Carnivores, it depends on the setup. Utricularia graminifolia is often used in high-tech aquarium setups. I believe Aldrovanda vesiculosa is used in some pond setups.

Nice to hear that you're into Aquaponics, I'm currently building a few Aquaponic systems myself!

Enjoy the forum and look at the Auction information, your right on time for it in May! Here is the link: https://www.terraforums.com/forums/forum159/
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