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Hello there!

Hey everybody! I posted a bit on this forum about a year ago, I stopped due to school getting a bit overwhelming during finals and never got back to posting again cause all but 3 (a Heliamphora minor and two Utricularias) of my CPs died (my cat decided to start using the bog I was starting as a litter box and ultimately killed everything in it.. my cat is kind of strange, and a jerk). Anyways, I now find myself thinking of getting back into growing CPs; I think Im going to try and make a 10 gallon terrarium and grow in that for a bit. (any tips on lighting/creating a 10 gallon terrarium?)

Thanks :)
Welcome to TF! Kitties are very naughty critters!
thank you! Indeed they are, I figured my cat wouldn't use something as moist as a bog for a litter box, I guess I was wrong >_<
They also knock over pots and gnaw on leaves!