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Hello from Sydney!

Hi everyone, figure I might as well introduce myself. Was fascinated with CPs as a kid, had a VFT for a number of years. Picked up the bug again a few years back as an adult, at the moment I've got a small collection of Sarras, VFTs and Droserae outside year round plus a small greenhouse for Neps.

Looking forward to learning the finer points of growing CPs, especially the Neps.
Welcome to the hotel California! :mwahaha:

Australia is a really unique area for carnivorous plants, I'm sure your collection is/will be quite impressive before too long.
Welcome to TF, Stranger. I can't help but ask - what kind of sundews do you grow?
Welcome, Stranger! Can't wait to see your collection. :)
Thanks for the welcome everyone!

Welcome to TF, Stranger. I can't help but ask - what kind of sundews do you grow?

Hi Bluemax, I don't have anything really fancy at this stage, no pygmies or anything from the petiolaris complex.

I've mainly got D. capensis "Alba", D. nidiformis and what I think is D. spathulata (although my records show no mention of me ever buying that species). All of them have been relatively prolific though, I started with one of each, never did any pollination myself and now here's a pot with a few adult capensis (capensii? capenses? My Latin's rusty.) and most of the smaller seedlings I found in random places a few months ago.


When I put them all in there they were young enough that I couldn't tell what was what, but it's pretty obvious now. Still not sure what I'm going to do with it to be honest, but I foresee a nightmare if I put off repotting them for too long.

And here's a mixed pot that's been around for a couple of years now (back when I didn't have any real clue as to how large various plants could get). I don't ever recall planting nidiformis in it and for that matter I never planted VFTs so close to the edge either.


Also got some D. capensis "Red" and D. binata var. multifida seeds that germinated a few weeks ago, but there's nothing to really see yet.
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'Looks like a nice, healthy collection to me. Thank you for posting the photos!
Welcome to TF!
Welcome to the party that never ends!

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No complimentary wine here I take it? :p