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Hello from South Germany ;o)

Hi to all,
I'm also absolutely new in this forum. I'm growing Sarracenia's for about 6 years and had the luck to get a small greenhouse last year! So the number of plants raised high, I solved the problem with the perfect seed germination and got a lot of exiting seeds (for example 2 years seedlings of Wilkerson White Knight x SL13 (SX30) very nice pink). I'm looking always for great sorts, a long time I search now for a Wilkerson White Knight, maybe I will find a seller here!?
I have some Leah Wilkerson, Titan, Adrian Slack, and many more spectacular sorts. This autumn I will make a growlist to let you see. Maybe someone want to swap for a WWK?
So happy growing for all out there and let's have a look, what will come here ;o)
Hi and welcome to the forum!
Herzlich Willkommen! :)
Welcome to TF! I'm sure someone has a Wilkerson White Knight out there somewhere ;).
Hi, bin wohl nicht der einzige germanguy hier !?!?
Hi, bin wohl nicht der einzige germanguy hier !?!?

Heheh, ich spreche, nicht gut Deutsch, aber anderen völker an hier sprechen das. :p
Welcome to TerraForums :-D
Welcome to TF!
Thanks to all for your welcome!