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Hello from SE Wisconsin!

I joined here several months ago to participate in the NASC auction but never formally said hello to everyone so HELLO EVERYONE!

I'm not overly chatty or social on forums. I prefer to read and learn from those with more experience than myself-it helps to keep me and my plants happy (and my stress levels to a minimum) I'm more content when I'm tending to and getting into the "zone" with my plants.

I will admit I caught the CP bug in a bad way. However I'm running out of growing space so hopefully that will help to keep me in check (I doubt it though...)
Hello Nancy,


I'm Mike and I'm a CP-aholic. I'm particularly addicted to Drosera and their ilk.

We're practically neighbors! I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin (burbs) with a wife, two dogs, and as many Sundews as I can fit into my growing space.

Good growing,
Welcome to terraforums :welcome: