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Hello from Reno!

Hi Guys! I am a newby who just got hook on nepenthes. It all started when a friend of mine gave me seeds to grow N. truncata which I have been growing for about 3 to 4 years. First I did not know if I can grow it but slowly but surely it did and I got the hang of it. I attached some picture of the plant. Nice to be accepted to this group.




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Welcome aboard, that is a gorgeous Truncata! lowland, I take it?
Welcome to TFs! That truncata is fantastic!
Hey, welcome to TerraForums :D Always nice to see new faces around. That's a really nice plant you've got there too!
Welcome! Reno isn't too far off from my parts. Happy to have you at TF :)
Welcome to the forums! You should enter that Nepenthes in Pitcher of the Month. ;)
Welcome to TF!