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Hello from Middle Tennessee

Just wanted to say hi to the community and thank you for allowing me to join! My last fish died in my 20 high aquarium ( R.I.P Vlad) so I decided to break it down and do something different. I have a few pieces of driftwood that have some small type of anubias growing on it as well as a few rocks with anubias attached also. I really hate to get rid of it as I've spent a lot of time growing it from just a few small plants. My son and I are interested in starting terrarium but I haven't made one since the 6th grade. Thought it might be a fun project and who knows, maybe my teen may take interest as well. Anyway, I'm just here to do some research and get a few recommendations for plants and mosses. Also, as silly as it may sound we have no idea how much water to put in it or how we're going to seal it up. Maybe cutting glass to fit the top. So yeah, we're looking for info to point us in the right direction. Thanks again and look forward to talking with some folks a lot more knowledgeable than myself.