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Hello from Connecticut.

Not much to say really. Been into CPs for the past seven years, expanding current collection from a single Lake Poso N. Maxima to include an N. xMiranda, Sanguinae, and Ventricosa(first CP, had to give it up when I moved), as well as a few sundews and an S. Purpurea if I can find a wild one. Some of you may have seen me on Thehotpepper.com, which is my other plant-related interest.
Welcome ! Don't forget to check out the New England Carnivorous Plant Society http://www.necps.org/ We've got a meeting in Danielson, CT this Saturday.
Welcome to TF! Lots of great information here. Where are you in CT? I'm in New Haven.

Danielson? Maybe I'll *finally* make it to a meeting! :blush:
Welcome to TF! Another fellow CT resident here. I'm also down by New Haven, just a couple towns away in Milford. Definitely check out the NECPS, I'm gonna make it to my first meeting this weekend. I believe next months meeting is also scheduled to be at Uconn's Storrs campus in CT.
Welcome to TF
Thanks guys!

I'll see if I can make it to the meeting, I might be busy though.

@anramitaco I'm just about the only non-rich guy in Simsbury.