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This is going to be a bit of a joint account. My son is quite the collector of CPs and he has 10 Green thumbs. :D So we want to say hello and we have already learned so much from Terraforums.

Some of his collection...

Some OP Serracenia seedlings coming up.

Some D. SP. Laanteau Island D. oblanceolata x D. spatulata seedlings.

Some two week old D. occidentalis x D. pulchelle Gemmae.

A little Fused Tooth seedling.

He has a boat load of N. rafflesiana 'Dark Brown' seedlings.

Some mixed red vft seedlings.

Thank you for such a wonderful forum. We will be learning a ton.
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Welcome to TF! Not many people from CO, where are you located here? I'm in northern CO, and the famous grower Jeremiah Harris is just south.
Welcome to TerraForums, guys :D
welcome to tf. i just moved back to michigan from fort collins
Welcome to the forum!
Welcome to TF! Adorable plants!
Welcome to the forums! I am in Westminster. Where are you at?
Welcome to the forum! I am in Westminster. Where are you at?