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Hello from California!

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Hi im from sonoma county california. Hope to learn a lot here thanks!
Welcome to Terraforums! I'm sure that you know that one of the largest carnivorous plant nurseries in the United States is in Sonoma County.
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Hi telamont! Welcome!!
Welcome to TF!
Yes I know I love California Carniverous...If anyone needs help ordering from there please let me know!
Welcome to TF.
How about giving us a bit of an introduction to your collection/favorite plants? :-O
I wanted to post pics but i cannot for some reason. Do i need so many posts before i do? I have two different Dionaea, 3 different droseras, another three different types of pitchers, and about 5 different pings I need identifying. I also have a very healthy Drosophyllum. I am in love and its so hot here sometimes I have trouble keeping them wet 24/7 when I am not around.
To post pictures you need to upload your images to an image-hosting site like flickr and then put the link into the box that pops up when you try to insert an image.
Welcome! I'm a neighbor to the south, in Novato. there are lots of us here on TF. you should consider coming to a Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society Meeting, good place to meet people, learn about the culture of our plants, and expand your collection for little money.
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Is there a specific club forum section?