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Heliamphora seed 2014 :-D

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After only marginal success with Heliamphora germination, I enlisted the help of the great Jedi Master BUTCHIE. Beginning with flowering to germination, with a few losses along the way, I have now mastered the art of Heliamphora pollination. I hereby request Jedi Knight status!!

Here are the first signs of germination from a seed batch of Heliamphora folliculata X self at 10 days. This was a test run to observe seed viability. The first of many species and hybrids seeds to come :-O:banana2:

Heliamphora folliculata flower pollinated on 8-15-2014

Gestation of seeds

Harvested on 10-29-14

The seeds were binned into the good, the bad, or the ugly, as this pod saw some unfortunate events during its lifetime :-))

Sowed on 10-31-14 on milled long fiber sphagnum moss with a few pinches of APS and perlite. A word of caution, if one intends to make milled LFS by means of a food processor, try to pick out the less stringy LFS in the bunch. Last year, one got done in by the sphag. A blendtec works superbly for milling LFS if available.

Germination on 11-10-14

A useful tip I learned along the way: Do not cut the petals away if your plants are grown under high light levels. Excessive light burns the developing flower and needless to say, no successful pollination will occur. Surgical removal of petals for anatomical inspection of plant mechanics is a BIG NO NO, if the goal is to set seed.
lol well done Padawan,
construct your own tuning fork you will, training complete you have...

the brat is strong within you ;-P
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Heli Jedi, now she is
eBay sales, lure you they will
the dark side call, strong in this one
only ugly will you find there
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Dark side, I shall not fall
Jedi I am, truth I seek
At less than a month old, one is already sporting a mohawk. These will be delinquents for sure! :lol:
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Congratulations! I honestly didnt know a heli flower resembled a sarrs flower so much.
woohoo, might be a mullet too.....it got some hillbilly blood in them there veins
Here is a representative Heliamphora pod, with a normal seed set which is a 100+ seeds. However, this is with optimised pollen harvesting and pollination. Lower seed sets likely indicate that one or both of these aspects need to be revisited. Having a number of different Heliamphora species to experiment on, I have found that flower size is not indicative of seed set, as even the smallest seed pods will have 100+ seeds as well, but of smaller size.