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Heliamphora ciliata question

TL;DR: Should I worry or just enjoy the plants?

I recently got an H. ciliata (since it is supposed to tolerate lowland climate better). It seems to be doing... okay? A few new pitchers seem to be forming. No idea if this is resuming normal growth or stress or stored energy in the plant from before being grown here or what. Monsoon here is mostly cloudy. Been solid 2 weeks of no sun, and then we had sun for one morning and the heli became like this - got red/reddish in some parts. This doesn't seem to be rot. The bright red seems to be the plant coloring up, no idea what the pale splotches are. Sunburn? Do plants get red in patches or more like a graduated blush or both?

SURREAL. I can see a few more pitchers than there are in this photo. No idea when that happened. And here I was busy waiting them to "sudden death syndrome" on me, given that the nights are consistently 27C and days 29C-32C (one day 37C!) these days. Weather forecasts say it will be 26C at night in another 4 days. I'm watching forecasts like a starving man at a restaurant's window. It is way warm for these guys, technically. Cooling or no cooling. I don't have an AC or even a peltier or something that will be effective in this climate. Frankly, with humidity never dropping below 85%, "evaporative cooling" is more a placebo for me to not lose it over spending a lot of money to get compost material. At best, it may bring a brief drop of a few degrees.

This is inexplicable and wonderful. NONE of them died. They are growing in these conditions! I do mist them pretty frequently - like a brief gust or two past them (doesn't hit directly) every fifteen minutes if it doesn't rain for a day or two. Otherwise the misting is off in the monsoon - no point. I did add some soil microbes thing that includes trichoderma and some others that fights fungus and also use neem oil (once) to prevent fungus, but I don't think that is how their internal fungus works. I filled the pitchers that could be filled (they are pretty small) with very dilute fertilizer as per [MENTION=6193]Av8tor1[/MENTION]'s sticky.

That is it. They are growing! Astonishing.

So now I've redone my expectations to "when will they form adult pitchers"? Or more realistically, will I see at least one adult pitcher before they are all gone? lol
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